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Welcome to Microxcel

If you are looking for macro development processes and systems to automate projects, which will result in improved accuracy and increased efficiency, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for efficient record keeping or data collection tools for Excel, need something more compact than Excel’s Table or List feature, or want a solution that suits both Excel pros and novice users, we can develop them all for you.

Our team knows Excel inside out, and has the requisite skills to use it for creating applications and spreadsheets that can save you a lot of money, effort, and time. Whether the task is difficult or simple, the job large or small, we can design custom macro development systems for your business at a reasonable cost and teach your employees how to use them to leverage the solutions to their optimum.

We are small but powerful macro developers , we create almost every business and IT processes using Macro, we are also providing various Excel/Macro services. Our aim is to reduce men power and automate every possible task, make it scheduled, unattended and automatic so that it will reduce cost of our clients and give best ROI.

Call us today to know more about how our services can meet your business’s unique needs, help you to access your data easily from well-structured records, and work more safely as well as faster while maintaining a high data quality.

You can also request us for a no obligation analysis of what our services can do to help your business go to the next level.


Quick Web Test

We bring you QWT – a smart, effective, and simple excel based automation testing tool with an uncomplicated user interface, which requires minimum user interaction. You can use this tool to create simple automation scripts in excel environment. Thanks to its unique object identification and a host of other excellent attributes, it automatically creates the Hybrid Automation framework. You can get eight different customized reports in different formats using this tool. QWT is easy to understand and use. What’s more, you won’t need any automation skills to use it the right way. Compared to other automation tools available in the market, our tools works 10 times faster, but yet costs 10 times lesser. It surely can’t get better than this!

Featured Benefits

Easy to use and understand. Easy to manage and easy to install, excel functions can be directly used.

10 times fast execution than the other Automation tools. 10 times cheaper than the other Automation tools.

No Automation skills and No Automation resources are required. Deep measurement of System Performance with the execution.

Inbuilt Hybrid Automation framework, no need to create any framework. Eight different customise Reports in various different formats.

Send Reports and the other customise status via automatic outlook mail send facility No much disk space is required and does not require many dependencies.

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